Welcome to the networking4work programme from Talk About Local.

Our unique course is designed to help you, or your group, produce an online presence which will work in your favour when looking for a job.

Following these lessons, you’ll work through common pitfalls and gain the confidence to project yourself online in a way which will appeal to employers.

This is a self-guided course so you can work at your own pace, go back and re-do sections or jump ahead to the most relevant chapters for your personal situation. If you’re working as a group, sharing the experiences as you progress will help reinforce what you are learning too.

Job hunting in the 21st century has to involve the internet – as a candidate you need to look good online, you can’t just have a nicely polished CV. 77% of employers admit to looking for candidates in search engines.


Each one of our lessons starts with a short presentation for you to view and is followed by a number of tasks to help you work through the points covered in the presentation




Facebook is the largest social network in the UK. To learn more about Facebook, how to tidy and secure your profile Click here.



Linked in the largest business social network and is a good way to make contact with people in the same type of industry you want to work in. Read more about linked in here.



Twitter the micro-blogging site is a good way to keep in touch with family and friends and the latest gossip, but be-careful what you tweet, you can read our Twitter resources here.